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Tekno Compositi is a company specialized in the production of advanced composite materials.

Through the guarantee of high technological products, and through the constant attention to the development of new solutions and components, we are able to satisfy every request of our clients by providing products and services of the highest level of quality.
Working with composites means to be always ready to quickly and accurately identify the optimal solution for each type of product, with the support of the best technical and human resources.
Starting from this assumption, Tekno Compositi has created a team of professionals with over twenty years of experience, industry experts that have contributed to the success of leading technology companies.
Our team is able to ensure the effectiveness of the TekCo product from the design phase, through the virtual analysis of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the composite object, and focusing on a scrupulous study and manufacture phase of tooling and molds.

Design and Analysis
Materials Characterization
Simulation and Optimization
Parformance Evaluation
Virtual Prototyping
987completed projects
350work hours
166Award Winning

• Structural parts and components for helicopters
• Space applications
• Eco-design interiors for airplanes
• Ballistic protection systems


• Chassis elements
• Internals
• Aerodynamic appendixes
• Parts for cars, busses and trucks


• External parts
• Internai parts
• First system
• Replacement parts


• External parts
• Internal parts
• Ballistic protection systems

Prototype, Engineering e NDT

• Virtual analysis of the composite characteristics
• 3D designing
• Metrology analysis with anthropomorphic arms
• Non-destructive controls

In over 20 years of fieldwork, our team has had the opportunity to provide high-quality service, participating to the success of leading companies in the field of technology.

Tekno Compositi is able to perform a complete control of composite components, using dedicated systems. Activities range from the use of ultrasound detection equipment to exposure of three-dimensional geometries with LASER technology.
Tekno Compositi production processes are defined through appropriate technical documentation, while the manufacturing process and the quality control phases are filed through the company management system.
The Quality and Control area constantly operates in the configuration Management, ensuring that all the functional and physical characteristics of a product established by the customer are satisfied. TekCo guarantees that the composite meets all the detailed requirements, it performs accurate technical and documentary implementation of any possible modification necessary.

Regarding the F.A.I. (First Article Inspection), our technicians are specialized in the management of the required documentation for the inspection process and for any type of later report.
The company is UNI ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN 9100:2009 Quality Certified

our customers

Tekno Compositi also works with companies in the aeronautical industry and manages every aspect of the First Article Inspection, from the molding chain to the drafting of technical documentation, with the identification of criticality issues and the implementation of the best possible solutions.

We are passionate about solving problems with clarity, simplicity and honesty.

our skills

Design and Analysis
Performance evaluation
Virtual prototyping
Simulation and optimization


Tekno Compositi manufacturing site extends across a total area of 4,500 sqm. The production departments area has a surface of 1,500 sqm and is directly accessible from the technical offices area.

TekCo uses state of the art machinery in order to ensure the highest possible quality of the product and the best operating efficiency. The constant search for the “best practice” is extremely important to our company and this reflects into a constant updating of the technology set-up. Our operational flexibility drives us to select the most suitable systems for the processing of each product.


• 120 sqm Clean Room in class IS08
• 2 Autoclaves
• 2 Hydraulic Presses (1 cold platen)
• Suction Cabin compliant with the Atex standards
• Industriai Furnace with vacuum system
• 2 Cooling Rooms
• Metrology Room with 2 anthropomorphic arms

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